LeftSeat Publishing presents The Beaver Bush Plane at home in Ontario by Henry and Linda Friesen

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Name: Doug Beck
Location: Port Colborne, Ontario
Referred by: Search Engine
Comment: As a worker at Fleet Industries, for 32 years, I built airframe parts for the DeHavilland Beaver. Its nice to see a book on such a nice aircraft!

Name: Steve Taylor
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Comment: To all those detailing the history of de Havilland Canada products, I say 'Cheers! Keep up the good work!!'

Name: Helen Brennan
Referred by: Friend
Comment: Nice Website. I don`t like to fly in jets but have had one opportunity to fly in a floater and loved it. Why did you chose to write a book on this particular plane?

Name: Don Fraser
Referred by: Search Engine
Comment: Was it taken in Perry Sound, ON? You have a great web site. I might order your book. Thanks Don

Name: Jim Hansel
Location: Beecher, Illinois
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Comment: This may be my second entry as I guessed you mystery photo about a week ago but never heard if I was correct so I thought that maybe my entry got lost in siber space. Anyway the photo is Howey Bay on Red Lake, in Red Lake Ontario Canada. The yellow plane in the photo is a Norseman owned by Chimo Air. The prop in the photo belongs to another Norseman flown by Viking Air. I travel to Red Lake yearly to Fish the great lakes about 80 miles north of there. Usually fly out with Chimo Air. Green Airways has a great collection of Beavers that also use Howey Bay. I do have a copy of the book and it is GREAT. I am not a pilot but love the float planes and enjoy the flight out to the fishing camp more than the fishing. Regards, Jim Hansel

Name: Jim Hansel
Location: Howey Bay, Red Lake, Ontario Canada
Referred by: Search Engine
Comment: Great site and a super great book. Really love float planes and riding in them. Red Lake and the area around it is a float plane mecca, with the Beavers, otters, norsemen and twin Beeches. You have a very nice site, please add more photo's. I add to my collection each year when I travel to Red lake.

Name: Sandy Gullion
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Comment: I give up on "Where was this photo taken". I hope you're going to post the winners name and tell us where it was taken so we know! Great book, when's the next one!

Name: Neil Phillips
Location: Chiefland,Florida
Referred by: Search Engine
Comment: I was crewchief on a L-20 at Goose Air Force Base,Labrador in 1960 & 1961. We ran retractable ski's in the witer and pontoons in the summer.In the winter we flew from the base and in the summer we flew from the Beaver Docks on Goose Bay. We lived in cabins at the Beaver Docks. The Goose Air Defense Sector commander used the Beaver to visit the radar sites which were really in the boondocks. Even though Goose Air Base was an isolated base then I still have fond memories of the Beaver. I have a few pictures of it painted up in a very unofficial way. It was called the "Bubble Checker" because the radar sites looked like bubbles. I had a friend named Clay Hutchins who flew for Eastern Provincial Airways. Neil Phillips, Chiefland, Florida

Name: Robert Taylor
Location: Kirkland Lake
Referred by: Search Engine
Cochrane , Ontario.
Cochrane Air Service.

Name: Ronald A. Zuck
Location: North Bay, ON
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Comment: Good Morning
I believe the mystery photograph was taken on Howey Bay, Red Lake, ON. I am a deHavilland compulisive possesive enthusiast as well as an amature photographer who has documented over 300 DHC-2 aircraft on film. This passion for Beavers has allowed me to make friends and contacts within the aviation industry that have been very helpful in prividing historic data on each machine I have captured on film. I look forward to meeting with you and comparing notes!
Regards, Ron.

Name: Nina Dibben
Location: Brampton, ON L6T 2P9
Referred by: Friend
Comment: How and where can I purchase this book??? My husband has searched everywhere to no avail. I understand it can be purchased from the authors, but how to reach them?? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Nina Dibben

Name: Russ Kaye
Location: Port Washington, Wisconsin USA
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Comment: Got to your site through Neil Aird's DHC-2 Links page.

Name: Nicole
Location: Monroe
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Comment: I wish you would have more stuff on what a bush plane is and how it runs!!! It would help me out and maybe other people!!! I'm looking up things about bush planes for my school and i know a lot more other people are too!!! So maybe you should try to put more in. Thank You Nicole

Name: Joseph Hebert
Location: Hartland Michigan (U.S.A.)
Referred by: Just Surfed In

Name: Ron Charity
Location: Toronto
Referred by: Search Engine
Comment: Grandfather flew Norsemans and Bavers for Austin, The PAS, Georgian Bay etc . See http://www.dhc-2.com/id665.htm

Name: Steve Adams
Location: Ontario
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Comment: I worked for a company called Norcanair in Saskatchewan in the early 80's. We flew people into fishing camp etc. We had the very first Beaver ever made and I had the pleasure of flying it. I think it's in a museum somewhere now.
Mystery Photo Guess:Temagami Ontario

Name: Norm Knighton
Location: Langley, B.C.
Referred by: Search Engine
Comment: Am thrilled to own #455 signed first edition of your spectacular book. I am 78 years old and am not a pilot but have flown Beavers for many years on Microsoft Flight Simulator mostly in the B.C. area. What a beautiful plane. Non like it in my humble opinion. My question is are you planning to do more books of the same to track all of the known Beavers as there are many here on the West Coast that are not listed in your present book? By the way, my neighbour across the street saw my book and told me that he had serviced CF-FHB, serial #1 many years ago. Small world. Thank you for compiling this wonderful book. Norm Knighton

Name: doug dzus
Location: cyvr
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Comment: i used to fly in f-dti # 37, with my father when he was with the d.o.t. now fly myself with seair seaplanes out of yvr. our fleet includes f-pcg, #1000 g-tmc, #1171 and f-dhc, turbo #45 and f-pma, turbo #15. flying floats and going fishing in the gulf islands!!! gota like it!! keep the oily side down!.... doug dzus.

Name: Stephan Gamache
Location: brandon, Manitoba
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Name: Sambo
Referred by: Friend
Comment: Hey guys, I have not had a checked your website lately, it's looking great, I like the things you've done to it, I especially like reading the reader's comments. I really am proud to say I know you guys, I tell people to check it out all the time. Keep up the good work!
Love, Sambo XXX000

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